• Amazon Braket SDK for Python released v1.5.9.post0
  • Tequila, an Extensible Quantum Information and Learning Architecture, Initial release of tequila v1.0.0

📓 Papers:

Efficient Learning of Non-Interacting Fermion Distributions

Instance Independence of Single Layer Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm on Mixed-Spin Models at Infinite Size

QNLP in Practice: Running Compositional Models of Meaning on a Quantum Computer

Opportunities in Quantum Reservoir Computing and Extreme Learning Machines

From observations to complexity of quantum states via unsupervised learning

Deep Neural Network Discrimination of Multiplexed Superconducting Qubit States

Gaussian boson sampling and multi-particle event optimization by machine learning in the quantum phase space

Bending the Bruhat-Tits Tree I:Tensor Network and Emergent Einstein Equations

Bending the Bruhat-Tits Tree II: the p-adic BTZ Black hole and Local Diffeomorephism on the Bruhat-Tits Tree

Emergent Einstein Equation in p-adic CFT Tensor Networks

Machine Learning Regression for Operator Dynamics

Aircraft Loading Optimization — QUBO models under multiple constraints

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